* The World is Your Stage does NOT do refunds. Only if  an order is completely different from what was received or if there is damage on arrival. Then the item can be returned and you will receive a full money refund. Make sure you will return the item within 5 days and ALWAYS contact me first! 

However, you CAN exchange it for another item or get a giftcard if you're not happy with your purchase.

* The World is Your Stage can NOT be responsible for choosing a wrong size, (I put a lot of time in measuring all of the items!) style or color. Also reasons like "it's not my style" or "it doesn't suit me" is not my responsibility.

When you purchase an item make sure you checked your size, colour etc. If you hesitate about anything, don't buy! Feel free to contact me by email, if you have any questions or doubts!

*All handmade jewelry should be handled with care. Repairs can be carried out free of charge up to 1 month after purchase, after which there will be additional costs for a repair.

*Is there any problem with your purchase and you still want to return, please contact me first so we can discuss the options. Because you have to understand it costs me a lot of time, money and (unnecessary) energy.

*I am not like big company's where you can order just to check the size or color and then send it back. This is not SUSTAINABLE at all and It's more complicated then you think.

*I know it's more difficult to buy clothing or shoes online, so I am here for all questions, doubts, etc and I do my best to inform you about an item as much as I can. But if you're not 100% sure please do not buy it online, and just come visit me in my physical shop to try it on! ;)

 * The World is Your Stage is not liable for discolouration of Jewelry materials, because I work with metal and gold or silver plated methods that do not all have the same effect. This also differs per acidity per skin. A jewel can also discolour due to sunlight, water or wearing perfumes and oils.

Thank you for your understanding!


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