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'60s Mary Quant DesignMini Dress

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Mary Quant’s first boutique, Bazaar, opened in London's King's Road in 1955, launching a successful fashion career. Her youthful easy-to-wear clothing became so popular that in 1963, she launched a lower-priced ready-to-wear range called 'Ginger Group'. She also entered into licensing agreements with manufacturers to produce hosiery, underwear, cosmetics and accessories bearing her name. Almost anyone, whatever their income, could spare the money to buy a pair of 'Mary Quant' stockings or a lipstick. This enabled girls who could not otherwise afford her clothing to feel in touch with fashion, and made Mary Quant a household name and a commercial success.

Her contribution to British life was marked by a retrospective exhibition at the London Museum in 1973. The exhibition included many of Quant's most revolutionary garments, some remade as facsimiles if original ones could not be found.

Material: Polyamide/Nylon

Size Indication: S/M

Length: 86 cm
Shoulder to Shoulder: 36 cm
Armpit to Armpit: 52 cm
Waist: 38 - 48 cm (stretched)
Hip: 72 cm
Sleeve Length: 35 cm
Sleeve  Width: 15-19 cm

Here worn with size S/M > 1.65m 

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Ook interessant

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