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Oh HOW I LOVE JUMPSUITS! This one is SO Incredibly COOL & GROOVY!

I bought this treasure as Vintage, yet there is no lable anymore, and I almost CAN'T believe it's vintage ;) But I think it IS. The Print is SOOOO colorful and the fabric has a shiny effect. The Sleeves & Trouser Legs are both Flaired and very '70s! Cool to wear with or without belt :)

MY guess the fabric is a blend of Acetate & Viscose because of the shiny effect, yet it doesn't feel very synthetic. If there IS polyester or acryl added to this fabric then it's not for 100% for sure.

Size Indication: M/L


Length: 141 cm
Shoulder to Shoulder: 50 cm
Armpit to Armpit: 51 cm
Waist: 49 cm
Hip: 54,5 cm

Cross Length: 23 cm

Trouser Length: 64 cm

Sleeve Length: 57 cm
Sleeve Width: 20 cm

Here worn with size S/M > 1.65m

Send DM on instagram @thriftedtwys or mailto: if you have questions about this item

Ook interessant

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€ 34,30 € 49,00

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