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This jacket is by far the most special item I have ever found! When my eye caught this piece I immedeatly felt it was a real treasure! It's not flawless, let me tell you first, it has some holes and it misses two buttons, BUT the embroidery details are absolutely stunning and enchanting and the fabric is pure silk and very old! It's a real collectors item if you ask me! This is a piece you can just hang on your wall and you will never get bored by looking at it! You can still wear it very comfy open or closed as a jacket, but also as a dress! The two buttons that are missing are actually fake buttons, you close the jacket/dress with little hooks on the inside. And these are all still in tact! If you like eyecatchers, well... do I need to say more? :)

Material: Outside = Pure Silk & The lining is 100% Cotton

Size Indication: S


Length: 115 cm
Shoulder to Shoulder: 40 cm
Armpit to Armpit: 46 cm
Waist: 43 cm
Hip: 53 cm
Sleeve Length: 54 cm
Sleeve Width: 16 cm

Send DM on instagram @thriftedtwys or mailto:  if you have questions about this item

Ook interessant

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