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What an Incredible dress! An original Kuchi Pashtun Nomad Dress with endless details of beads, coins and (hand) embroidery in amazing colors & fabrics! This Dress is old and a piece of art, and represents the incredible ability of the women's handmade technics and passion in this culture!  This dress you can wear and feel the incredible power of this culture! They wear/wore these  dresses also for traditional dances and when you twirl in this dress it looks like a colorful dream!  You can also put it on your wall just to look at it! It's a little heavy, when you carry the dress, but not that heavy when wearing it. It really feels like a shield, a harnas of protection, strength and love!

Materials: Silk, Velvet, Cotton, Beads etc

Size Indication: S/M


Length: 116 cm
Shoulder to Shoulder: 31 cm (seam to seam)
Armpit to Armpit: 47 cm
Waist: 44 cm
Hip: Free Size
Sleeve Length: 54 cm
Sleeve Width: 34 cm

Here worn with size S/M > 1.65m

Send DM on instagram @thriftedtwys or mailto: if you have questions about this item

Ook interessant

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