Vintage Velvet Zardozi Clutch

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Beautful piece of art, perfect for a chique gala or dinner! In good vintage condition!

Zardozi is a type of heavy and elaborate metal embroidery on a silk, satin, or velvet fabric base.[2] Designs are often created using gold and silver threads and can incorporate pearls, beads, and precious stones.[3] It is used as decoration for a wide range of applications, including clothes, household textiles, and animal trappings.[2] Historically, it was used to adorn the walls of royal tents, scabbards, wall hangings and the paraphernalia of regal elephants and horses.[4]

Initially, the embroidery was done with pure silver wires and real gold leaves. However, today, craftsmen make use of a combination of copper wire, with a golden or silver polish, and silk thread.


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