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Design your own Crystal Pendant! Create one you can wear on you own necklace, as a keychain, or just to put somewhere in your home. You can also add a necklace with your pendant here.

Make sure you choose every option carefully and add your bead color wishes to the notes!

If you have more specific wishes or other ideas, feel free to email me with your inspiration!

Angel Aura Crystal

Are you having a bad day? If your day-to-day life is putting a damper on the radiance of your rainbow, you can use the angel aura quartz with you. This stone might make your spirit keep on shining. No matter how gloomy your daily life gets, the angel aura quartz may fill you with pure magic of positivity and joy. Being a high vibrational stone, the angel aura quartz is the best remedy for spiritual decline. You can tune into its energy if you wish to feel your sense of love, for the world, other people around you, and your life in general 

Stone Size Indication:

NOTE: All stones will deviate from the pictures, because they are all one of a kind natural stones, all different styles & sizes. I will choose by heart one for you combined with your wishes!


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€ 39,50
€ 39,50

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