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A beautiful 24kt Gold Plated Northern Star Charm with an intense and mystical green or turqoise stone in the middle.

You can customize this stone with 3 types of necklaces:

- 24kt Gold Plated Ballchain

- Normal Chain 14kt Gold Filled 1mm  

- Jupiter Chain 14kt Gold Filled 1/1.2 mm


Gold filled is a high quality product and should therefore not be compared to gold plated Jewelery. Gold filled is made up of two or three layers with a base material of copper or jewelery brass with a layer of 14kt gold on top.

The advantages of Gold filled jewelery

Gold filled jewelery parts do not have a thin layer of gold that wears off easily.
When used correctly, gold filled jewelry will last just like pure gold jewelry (for a lifetime).
Gold filled jewelry parts remain beautiful in color.

It provides good and affordable quality that is well tolerated by people who are allergic to metals other than gold.
Gold filled jewelery parts are easy to clean by rubbing them lightly with an untreated cloth or mild soapy water.

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€ 39,50
€ 39,50
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