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According to numerology, the number 11 is a “master number” which signifies intuition, insight, and enlightenment. When paired together, 11 11 is a clear message from the universe to become conscious and aware. Many people suggest that seeing 11 11 signifies that your spirit guides are attempting to contact you.

Material of the label with 11:11 = brass/messing

(it's handstamped so it's can deviate a little from the picture)

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. This alloy, a fusion of metals, has been used for centuries because it provides a hard material with good machinability. Copper is in fact a softer metal type. Adding zinc makes it harder without making it brittle. When the material is heated it remains flexible for processing. Brass hardens only under load, for example when it is cold pressed.

Brass is easy to process and has an attractive color that resembles gold. This makes it popular for finishing all kinds of products. It is also called yellow copper.

The addition of zinc makes it a cheaper type of metal than copper. It has anti-bacterial properties and is therefore safe to use with products that come into contact with the consumer. It is also resistant to damp conditions and does not rust.

24kt Gold Plated  Ballchain

With Gold Plated jewelry, a layer of gold is applied to a base material. However, unlike gold-filled materials, much less gold is used in gold-plating. The gold layer with gold-plated or gold-plated materials is approximately 100 times thinner. That makes gold plated materials cheaper than gold filled materials.

Gold plated jewelry will become less beautiful over time because the thin gold layer wears off.
How fast this goes depends on the acidity of your skin and how often the jewelry is worn.

Sterling Silver 925 (OUT OF STOCK)

Inexpensive metals like nickel or brass can cause infections, especially with earrings. Bottom line: Sterling silver, aka 925 silver is hypoallergenic, high quality, stylish and safe.

 14kt Gold Filled

Gold filled is a high quality product and should therefore not be compared to gold plated Jewelery. Gold filled is made up of two or three layers with a base material of copper or jewelery brass with a layer of 14kt gold on top.

The advantages of Gold filled jewelery

Gold filled jewelery parts do not have a thin layer of gold that wears off easily.
When used correctly, gold filled jewelry will last just like pure gold jewelry (for a lifetime).
Gold filled jewelry parts remain beautiful in color.

It provides good and affordable quality that is well tolerated by people who are allergic to metals other than gold.
Gold filled jewelery parts are easy to clean by rubbing them lightly with an untreated cloth or mild soapy water.

 If you have other questions about customizing you can email us:

Note:  Almost all jewelry is handmade (takes time to produce/make) and not everything is in stock always.
I do my best to inform you about shipping times, but it can take 10-14 days or even more when you do a specific PRE-ORDER


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