RARE Burberrys' Vintage Trenchcoat

€ 275,00 € 233,75 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Size Indication:  XXL

Material: 100% Cotton

Brand: Burberrys' 

What is the Difference Between Burberrys and Burberry?

What if we say Burberrys and Burberry are the same? Well, Burberry is the new name of the Burberrys fashion house. When the brand started, it was known as Burberry but with time, the name changed to Burberrys. Due to unknown reasons, in 1999, they changed it back to Burberry. To put it simply, it was Burberry first, then Burberrys, and now Burberry again.

Now most of the Burberry products have “Burberry” written on them but if you find any item with “Burberrys” logo, it isn’t fake as well. It is a vintage item made before the year 2000 or we can say that it is a 20th century item. Consider yourself lucky to come across such a masterpiece.

*The color is khaki green with an "iridiscent" effect

*Belt = missing & button on the back is missing.

Length: 135 cm
Shoulder to Shoulder: 55 cm
Armpit to Armpit:  78 cm
Waist: 78 cm
Hip: 87 cm
Sleeve Length: 70 cm
Sleeve Width: 21 cm

Here worn with size S/M > 1.65m 

Send DM on instagram @twysbydewi or mailto: info@twys.nl if you have questions


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